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Dr. Stacy, NHP

Hi there! My name is Stacy Goebel, NHP INHC CH. I am a single mom with one incredible daughter who was born prematurely weighing only 1 lb 5 oz in 1992. In addition to this experience my father passed away from cancer in 2008 and then later on so did my mother due to ALS complications – both of these events left me feeling determined to help others achieve optimal health through healing foods.

“My passion for learning never waned as I graduated from The Institute of Integrative Nutrition back in 2016; since then I’ve continued exploring this field so that I can provide you with everything necessary for optimal health.. In July of 2018 I completed certification courses as a Certified Herbalist (CH) which has allowed me to help others achieve their goals through natural remedies. I completed my Doctorate level in Natural Health 2022”

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After 15 minutes of use, I could lift my arm 80% higher.


She has Alzheimer’s and gets very agitated, after using the device, calmed down.

Bell’s Palsy before and after treatment.

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Prepare to be amazed as your body undergoes a remarkable detoxification process, regulating internal organs and boosting your immunity. Feel the radiant energy of yang aura replenish your entire being, while damaged cells and tissues are meticulously repaired.

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